Veterans Day Zoom Tribute to D-Day Veteran Richard Fazzio

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Thank you to the 300+ people who turned out for last night’s Zoom Video Veterans Day tribute to D-Day veteran Richard Fazzio. We had a few minor technical issues (Debbie couldn’t find her mute button, lol ). But overall, casualties were low and nobody swore on the live broadcast.

Veterans Day 2020.
Richard Fazzio, US Navy Coxswain. 1st wave, 5th boat near the Easy Red sector on Omaha Beach.
Richard was the pilot of a Higgins boat (LCVP) carrying over 30 soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division into Omaha just after 6:30 AM on June 6, 1944.
Think about the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan where the Navy Coxswain yells out “Clear the ramp. 30 seconds. God be with you.”