Google Earth is an excellent tool for visiting some of World War II’s most important locations and getting a sense of what the battlefields look like today. Just click on the above Google Earth icon at the top of this page or Click here.

Before you get going on your tour, we recommend a few initial stops. 

Click on the war in Europe, the War in the Pacific and the Holocaust links below prior to starting your virtual journey. They will provide valuable background on the specific areas we are recommending that you visit below via Google Earth. Get to know the stories from the war years before you enter their names into the Google Earth Search Bar and fly into them virtually today:


War In Europe Link

War in the Pacific Link

The Holocaust* Link


Visit Europe Today-Enter the below locations in Google Earth’s Search Bar:

Normandy, France (D-Day and Battle of Normandy):

-Omaha Beach

-Utah Beach

-Gold Beach

-Sword Beach

-Juno Beach




-Saint Lo


-Le Havre


-Normandy American Cemetery

Bastogne, Belgium (Battle of the Bulge)

Berlin, Germany (Beginning and end of Nazi Germany)

Sicily (Operation Husky)

Rome, Italy (Battle for Italy)

Casablanca, North Africa (Operation Torch)

Warsaw, Poland (Warsaw Ghetto)

Moscow, Russia (Germany’s invasion of the USSR)

Auschwitz, Poland* (Holocaust)

London, England (The Blitz)

Dunkirk, France (British and French Evacuate from Europe)

Arnhem, Holland (Operation Market-Garden)

Eindhoven, Holland (Operation Market-Garden)

Nijmegen, Holland (Operation Market-Garden)

Dresden, Germany (Bombed to ashes)

Dachau, Germany* (Holocaust)

Buchenwald, Germany* (Holocaust)

Volgograd, Russia (Battle of Stalingrad)

Monte Cassino, Italy (Death below the mountain and historic abbey)

Anzio, Italy (A savage landing and fight)

Remagen, Germany (A rare bridge across the Rhine)

Crete, Greece (German Paratroopers land)

Malta island (The Siege of Malta) 

Nuremberg, Germany (Nuremberg Trials)

Munich, Germany (The birthplace of Nazism)

Paris (City of Lights and Occupation)


Visit the Pacific Today-Enter in Google Earth’s Search Bar:

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (December 7, 1941)

Punchbowl Cemetery

-Ford Island

-Wheeler Field

-Hickam Airfield

-Kaneohe Airfield

-Diamond Head

-Waikiki Beach

-Battleship Row


Tarawa Island (Death at the water’s edge)

Wake Island (The Marines hold out)

Midway Island (Battle of Midway)

Peleliu Island (Operation Stalemate)

Iwo Jima (Black sand, Red blood)

Okinawa (The final campaign)

Guam, Tinian and Saipan (Cave by cave)

Tokyo, Japan (Home of the Imperial Palace and Emperor)

Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands (America’s first air/sea/ground offensive)

Manila, Bataan, Corregidor & the Philippines (Retreat and death)

Hiroshima & Nagasaki (the Atomic bombs)

Melbourne, Australia (the Marines rest after Guadalcanal)

Darwin, Australia (The Japanese attack)

Himalaya Mountains (Flying the Hump)

Bougainville Island (Hunting Admiral Yamamoto)

Banika Island (Russell Island Group and the SeaBees)

Kwajalein Atoll (The Marshall Islands campaign)

China (The China-Burma-India Theatre of War)

India (The CBI)

Burma (The CBI)

Still want more information on a specific battle or its location? Click on below Google image to be taken to a search page.