Day of Days : June 6 1944

1944 | War in Europe


They were the best the United States had to offer and on June 6, 1944, their nation sent them through the gates of Hell in Normandy, France. They fought inland and on Utah Beach and faced murderous MG-42 machine-gun fire, mortars, and artillery on Omaha Beach. Day of Days: June 6, 1944, is an opportunity to eavesdrop as one of the most important days in the history of the world is recalled by those who were actually there, did the fighting and witnessed the devastation.


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We encourage you to choose one of the PDFs below that is the best match for your students. It’s up to each educator if you would like to offer either the exam or the one-question essay. An answer sheet corresponds with each quiz.  Our goal is not to overwhelm students with dates, treaties, and strategy. Instead, we would rather focus their attention on the individual stories of the subjects of our documentaries. We find these visual stories to be inspiring, impactful, and educational.

We hope that after viewing one of our films, students will want to learn more about the personal stories of World War II generation. Maybe they do this by reading a book, watching another documentary, or perhaps a full-length film.  Maybe our films will inspire your students to ask an older family member about their role, or inquire about another relative’s story, in World War II.

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