Jack Taylor: The Enterprise

1941 | War in Pacific

THE FILM: Narrated by Gary Sinise. Jack Taylor was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1922. Jack heeded his country’s call after the attack on Pearl Harbor drew the United States into World War II. In 1942, he enlisted and served as a decorated Navy Hellcat pilot in the skies over the South Pacific.

Then, like so many others of the “Greatest Generation,” Jack returned home to raise his family and start a business. Lessons learned in the Navy – including the values of integrity, hard work, team spirit, and simply doing the right thing – helped shape his personality. They also made their mark on the company he founded in 1957, Enterprise Rent a Car. He named his new business after the aircraft carrier he served on, the USS Enterprise, the most decorated American ship in WWII.

The incredible story of a World War II veteran utilizing his lessons home from war to establish one of America’s most successful post-war companies.