“The mission of the World War II Foundation is a very important one. We are losing 500 WWII veterans every day and the window is rapidly closing to preserve their personal stories for future generations.”

Bill Belichick
Head Coach
6-time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots

“Preserving the history of World War II is important to me personally. I support the mission of the World War II Foundation and its efforts to chronicle the stories of WWII veterans, who are passing on at the rate of 400 per day.”

Dan Aykroyd

The mission of the World War II Foundation is vital and I am happy to be involved as a supporter of its projects. I am a student of military history and find the time-period 1939-1945 to be compelling. We are who we are today because of the WWII generation.”

Kyle Chandler
Emmy Award-winning Actor Friday Night Lights

“I have been happy to support the World War II Foundation. I encourage their important goal of honoring the veterans of WWII as their numbers are dwindling every day.”

Damian Lewis
Emmy Award-winning Actor
Band of Brothers and Homeland

“Tim, you are the most persistent person I have ever met. I am happy to lend my time to events supporting the mission of the World War II Foundation. As a veteran, I understand what it’s like to be in combat and fight for democracy.”

Gov. Tom Ridge
First United States Secretary of Homeland Security

“I too support the World War II Foundation and its important mission of honoring the veterans of WWII. Of the 16 million Americans who served in WWII, only a half-million are still alive. The time is now to capture their stories and preserve their sacrifices.”

Alex Kershaw
New York Times Bestselling Author

“The mission of the WWII Foundation is an important one and of course, very dear to my heart.”

Captain Dale Dye
Saving Private Ryan/Band of Brothers

“I am honored to support the World War II Foundation. Having participated in some of the most heavy fighting in the Second World War, I truly understand the foundation’s work and how important it is to preserve the stories of what actually occurred in both Europe and the Pacific.”

Lt. Col. James Megellas (Ret.) Most Decorated Officer in the History of the 82nd Airborn

“I am honored to serve as an ambassador for the WWII Foundation. I strongly believe that the importance of the Foundation’s mission to preserve the brave stories of our greatest generation is crucial for generations to come”

James Madio
Actor Band of Brothers, Hook, The Basketball Diaries