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Step back into history and hear some of the incredible individual stories of those caught up in World War II via our award-winning documentary films. Complete with lesson plans

WWII Virtual Reality (VR) Immersion Learning

Virtual Reality is a new way to educate our students. VR technology puts a student “on” Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944 or “at” Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. “VR is a whole new ballgame in how we will teach WWII history moving forward.”-Tim Gray, Founder of the World War II Foundation

Senator Bob Dole WWII Leadership Award

In 2019, the World War II Foundation  established the Senator Bob Dole World War II Leadership Award, which is now given annually to a veteran of WWII who returned from the war and devoted their lives to public service and educating current and future generations on the subject of World War II

Visit our World War II Educational Museum in Person or Virtually

The non-profit World War II Foundation’s Global Education Center features over 5,000 WWII artifacts, a theater and library. It is open to students, educators and the public

Overseas Monuments

The World War II Foundation raised the money for and dedicated the Richard D. Winters Leadership Monument in Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, Normandy, France. The 13 foot-high statue, in the likeness of Major Dick Winters, recognizes all those junior officers who led the way on D-Day, as well as all American Divisions and Corps who fought on June 6, 1944



The mission of The World War II Foundation is to develop an awareness and appreciation of the contributions and sacrifices made by the men and women of the Allied Forces during World War II. The Foundation’s objective is to educate current and future generations about the role those heroes played in ensuring the basic freedoms we enjoy today. The Foundation dedicates itself to this educational mission in order to instill and inspire in today’s Americans, through the example of the World War II generation, the values of unity of purpose, personal courage and shared sacrifice that they embodied – the Best of America


"Historian-in- Residence" Daniel Martinez

The World War II Foundation is honored to have one of the world’s leading WWII historians, Daniel Martinez, as our “Historian-in-Residence”

Film Narrators

The World War II Foundation has been honored to have some of the biggest names in television, film and sports narrate and commit to narrate our films-29 to date. They include Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, Jim Nantz, Luke Bryan, Jane Lynch, Darius Rucker, Liev Schreiber, Greg Kinnear, Tom Selleck, Bill Belichick, Matthew Broderick, Gary Sinise, Dan Aykroyd, Tim McCarver, Jon Seda, Jason Beghe, Peter Kessler, Tom Kane, David McCallum, Kyle Chandler, Damian Lewis and Captain Dale Dye

(Photo) Jim Nantz, CBS Sports

From the Front to the Films Podcast and More

A weekly Zoom video podcast featuring authors, actors, historians, veterans and others connected to World War II. Plus, many individual stories from WWII

Normandie-WWII International Film & Media Festival

Held annually in Normandy, France recognizing the best in WWII documentary films. Q & A with authors, actors, filmmakers, historians and veterans


Please click below for the very latest news updates from the World War II Foundation, including the dedication of a new Elvis Presley/USS Arizona Memorial plaque by the WWII Foundation in Honolulu, Hawaii

Tim Gray on National Television Talking About WWII

Tim Gray, President, Founder and Filmmaker of the Non-Profit World War II Foundation is a frequent contributor on National Television, sharing the personal stories of WWII


The mission of the World War II Foundation is a very important one. We are losing 500 WWII veterans every day and the window is rapidly closing to preserve their personal stories for future generations.”

-Bill Belichick

6-Time Super Bowl Champion Head Coach of the New England Patriots

Sponsors, Donors and Supporters

The World War II Foundation is very fortunate to have some of the best sponsors and donors behind our non-profit mission. We hope you will click on the below link to meet these wonderful companies and individuals

Women and African-Americans in War

Listen to the stories of a Rosie the Riveter, Women who served at the front and even a German schoolgirl whose day was controlled by propaganda and the military. Hear from WWII’s famous Tuskegee Airmen who flew dangerous missions from Italy

Tom Colones Memorial Scholarship Fund

Recognizing the legacy of Tom Colones, a veteran who spent his own life honoring those who served in WWII, especially on D-Day, June 6, 1944 in Normandy, France. His love, laughter and dedication will live on globally in future generations

World War II Google Earth

Click below to visit the locations where the stories and battles of World War II took place. See what these locations look like today