Future Films

2020 Narrator Liev Schreiber

2020 Narrator Jon Seda

2021 & 2023 Narrator Greg Kinnear

2021 Narrator Luke Bryan

2021 Narrator Jim Nantz

2021 Narrator Kyle Chandler

2022 Narrator Gary Sinise

2022 Narrator Tom Brokaw

2022 Narrator Dan Rather


Upcoming Films:


Surrender on the USS Missouri Narrated by Luke Bryan (2021)

Rommel: The Soldier, the Son and Hitler Narrated by Greg Kinnear (2021) 

Elvis and The USS Arizona Narrated by Jim Nantz with Kyle Chandler (2021) 

Return to Iwo Jima Narrated by Gary Sinise (2022) 

The Seabees: We Build, We Fight Narrated by Dan Rather (2022)

Merrill’s Marauders Narrated by Tom Brokaw (2022)

Heroes from Foggia: The Tuskegee Airmen Narrated by TBD (2022)

Mountains, Missions and Mules : Italy in WWII Narrated by Greg Kinnear (2023)

 Women of World War II Narrated by TBD (2023)

The Caves of Peleliu Narrated by TBD (2024)

My Father was in the French Resistance Narrated by David McCallum (2024) 

Pee Wee Martin Narrated by Shane Taylor (2025) 

Steve Belichick: War and Football Narrated by Kyle Chandler (2025) 

PT 120: My War in the Pacific Narrated by Gavin MacLeod (2026)

Yamamoto: Life and Death Narrated by TBD (2026)