Remember Pearl Harbor

1941 | War in Pacific


Narrated by Tom Selleck. The focus of this film is on the military and civilian survivors of Pearl Harbor, all of whom had totally different experiences on December 7, 1941. Woven into their stories is the perspective of Daniel Martinez, Chief Historian of the Valor in the Pacific Monument at Pearl Harbor and author of the acclaimed book December 1941, Craig Shirley.
This is not a film about the strategy of the attack and why it happened or assigning blame 75 years later, but rather the personal stories of those who were there and witnessed history being made. It is an impartial documentary chronicling December 7, 1941, in the words of those who actually were there and took part.


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We hope that after viewing one of our films, students will want to learn more about the personal stories of World War II generation. Maybe they do this by reading a book, watching another documentary, or perhaps a full-length film.  Maybe our films will inspire your students to ask an older family member about their role, or inquire about another relative’s story, in World War II.

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