June 5, 2021 at the D-Day Experience in Saint-Come-du-Mont, Normandy, France


Thanks to our Presenting Sponsors of the event: Sean Lockhead and Diana Breen

Title Sponsor: Warner Media & Linda MacIntyre

-Award for Outstanding World War II Documentary Film

-Q and A with an incredible WWII panel prior to winning film shown

2021 Marks the 20th Anniversary of the Release of Band of Brothers

***Scheduled to Attend the 2021 Question and Answer Panel

Erik Jendresen-Co-Creator, Lead Writer and Supervising Producer of Band of Brothers

Douglas Spain-Actor-Band of Brothers (Tony Garcia)

Rick Warden-Actor-Band of Brothers (Harry Welsh)

Robin Laing-Actor-Band of Brothers (Babe Heffron)

Nick Aaron-Actor-Band of Brothers (Popeye Wynn)

Shane Taylor-Actor-Band of Brothers (Doc Roe)

Matthew Leitch-Actor-Band of Brothers (Floyd Talbert)

Ben Caplan-Actor-Band of Brothers (Smokey Gordon)

Tim Matthews-Actor-Band of Brothers (Alex Penkala)

Will Estes-Actor-U-571 & Blue Bloods  

***Depending on their filming schedule at the time AND COVID Protocols

The 2021 Normandie-World War II International Film and Media Festival is being held in memory of the “Mayor of Normandy,” Tom “TC” Colones. TC spent every year traveling back to Normandy and there was no better person to represent the message and values of the generation that fought in this part of France than Tom. We miss him each and every dayas do the Norman people.